Education, Barefoot Trimming and Massage for your horse in a "State of the Art" setting.

Are you looking to learn more as a rider/ owner about your horse, or do you want to run an Equine workshop?

Then Freedom and Motion Equine Park is the place to go

  • We run education events for you and your horse.
  • We specialise in barefoot trimming to keep your horses hooves in perfect balance.
  • We can also help you keep your horse moving freely through myofunctional therapy.
Freedom and Motion Equine Park

If you have noticed 

stiffness in movement.

Cold Back

Reluctance to Work

Behavioural Issues


Hyper or hypotrophy of muscles

Myofunctional therapy could be the key to getting your horse comfortable again.

Freedom and Motion Equine Park

Equine Clinic Events

Equine Workshops

Seminars for Horse Owners

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Freedom and Motion Equine Park

If your horse is suffering from



Under run heels


Seedy Toes


Thin Sole

and more then we can help. 

Freedom and Motion Equine Park

60m x 20m Indoor Arena

Toilet block with shower

Holding Yards

Outside Wash Bay

Theory Room

2 bedroom self contained cabin

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Barefoot Trimming.

At Freedom and Motion Equine we believe that trimming is an art.

Our trimming takes into account the needs of the individual horse at that particular point in time. What terrain they will be exposed to and what the long term goals of the horse and its owner are.

Healthy horses hooves trimmed regularly

Equine Myofunctional Therapy.

Is your horse happy and healthy?

Is he comfortable and performing to the best of its abilities? 

Most horses attending clubs and competing are more likely uncomfortable and not performing to the best of their abilities.

Why?  Because an important aspect of the horse’s ability may have been neglected, the muscles. 

The skeleton cannot move without muscles. Healthy muscles promote better function of the horse’s range of movement and also improve general health. 

Healthy Horses muscles keep him moving well


At Freedom and Motion we believe that the more you know about your horse the happier and healthier he will be. That's why we host and showcase events with recognised experts in their fields.

Theory room with whitebard

What other horse owners have said.

Freedom and Motion Equine Park

Romie  - Horse Owner

Sandie is honestly the best horse woman you could come across!

Freedom and Motion Equine Park

Leanne Williams - Légèreté coach level 1

It was a fabulous weekend Sandie, everything worked. Your property is a credit to you and Zac. thank you for your hospitality.

Freedom and Motion Equine Park

Sally Smith - Horse Owner

The work Sandie has done with rehabilitating deformed hooves is absolutely amazing. Her work ethic is simple inspiring.

Looking for More Information?

Want to know more about Freedom and Motion Equine Park? you can either call us on 0414650740 or simply click the link below and we will respond as soon as we can.

Freedom and Motion Equine Park

We are committed to providing the very best in both care and education for horses and their owners. Our state of the art facilities offer an opportunity to both learn and care for your horse in a safe and welcoming environment.