About Freedom and Motion Equine

Freedom and Motion Equine Park is a state of the art facility, located in Mount Wallace, dedicated to helping horse owners have happy healthy horses.

Purpose built in 2019 this brand new facility is designed to support our mission which is:

For Freedom and Motion Equine Park to be a safe, professional and trusted  educational hub. 

A place where information can be shared, taught and learned.

A place from which I can communicate my devotion to provide horses with emotional and physical soundness.

Indoor arena at Freedom and Motion Equine
Indoor arena at Freedom and Motion equine Park

The facility currently offers

  • 60m X 20m indoor arena
  • Water Wise Equestrian footing (non abrasive, no water usage, shock absorbent, easy maintenance)
  • 12 holding yards 4m X 4m ( for overnight stay/ camping)
  • Toilet block with shower
  • Outside wash bay
  • 1 seminar room with projector, 20 chairs, mini kitchenette, table
  • PA system 
  •  Cavalletti and poles
  • 2 Bedroom self contained cabin

My name is Sandie. I have been involved with horses from a young age. I competed as futurist young rider in show jumping mostly in my younger days. At the age of 23 I left Canada to work abroad in Australia. Once arrived in Australia, I worked in polo, racing, show jumping, eventing over a period of 5 years.

After meeting my husband and raising 2 beautiful children, I reconnected with my passion and purchased my first OTTB about 7 years ago. Eventually, the herd grew to the count of 7 beautiful souls. Most are rescues or rehabbed I took on. The herd increased with my knowledge. The more I knew, the more I wanted to help.

Equine Myofunctional massage

Although my husband and son aren’t horsey, they are both my biggest support and enjoy spending time, watching and minding our colourful herd of diverse personalities.

Currently I enjoy spending time with each of our horses, create partnership, in hand work, and some riding when I have the time. I am trying to learn the basics of classical dressage and tricks and liberty. I also have a daughter who is my partner associate. She is actively involved in vaulting and wishes to eventually compete and/or train internationally.

Since purchasing my 1st OTTB, I have made it my quest to learn everything I could to assist him emotionally and physically. The knowledge I have gained and is still gaining through many things I read or courses I do has also helped me rehab my other horses and horse owners experiencing similar challenges.  I am a passionate learner and am always willing to experiment, try and help others to the best of my abilities.

There is never any  topic too big to learn. If it’s useful knowledge and accessible, I am devoted to learn it. I have completed courses in equine nutrition, Masterson, myofunctional therapy, cushing/IR, attended a variety of seminars on dissection, trimming, horsemanship, and many more.